What Has Roseanne Barr Been Up To Over The Past Two Decades?

Since Roseanne went off the air some 20 years ago, the show’s leading star has remained relatively out of the spotlight, leaving fans of the actress to wonder what has happened to her? Now with Roseanne making a return to airwaves with the revival of her show, it’s time to […]

Will Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd of The Real Housewives Repair Their Friendship?

In most recent times, the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County assembled for dinner at The Quiet Woman, a Costa Mesa restaurant specializing in American fare and cocktails. It wasn’t all just food and laughs however!   Kelly Dodd came about UNANNOUNCED to give Shannon Beador, her frenemy, […]

Favorite Music Videos Released So Far This Year

Kendrick Lamar – Humble   There is just so much going on in this video, and will go down in our lists of best music videos of all time. Able to show off his lyricism with these amazing visuals, this by far is one of the best music videos that […]

3 Documentaries That Will Inspire You To Chase Your Dreams

1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi   Following the life of one of the greatest to ever do it in the sushi world, the film follows Hiro Ono. With a small sushi shop located in a subway station of Tokyo, his shop only seats a maximum of 10 people at a […]

Top 3 Places In The World To Travel To

The World Economic Forum has released their yearly report of the top places in the world to travel to, and Europe dominates the list. According to them, the top 3 on the list are:   1. Spain     2. France     3. Germany     Spain has been […]

3 Great Travel Hacks For Saving Time And Money

1. Search Using Incognito Mode   When looking for flights on your computer browser, make sure that you do so with the private browsing mode that your browser has. When you search using your normally browser, the airline website will pull data from everything you’ve looked at, and will even […]

Plans For Star Wars Movies To Continue Well Into 2030

Fans of the franchise will be excited to hear that there have been plans to expand the movie universe well into the 2030’s.   CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, has revealed that the studio has started talks on where they want the movies to be heading in the next decade, […]

4 Intelligence Increasing Movies to Watch

There are numerous ways to increase your intellect like taking classes on subjects you find interesting, reading published books, or even interacting with people with increased knowledge in subjects you know nothing about. One of the most overlooked ways of gaining intelligence though can be through the watching of television […]

Favorite Music Videos Released in the Past Year

Everybody loves to listen to music. It isn’t the matter of age but the question of emotions. Whether it is a newly married couple, a happy student or even a young child, everybody wants to listen to some music that matches their taste.   Music conquers the hearts and emotions […]

The 5 Best Music Soundtrack In A Film From The Last Decade

The best part of a movie for a lot of us is listening to its track list. These songs play in the background, in the foreground. And sometimes, they make or break the movie for us. So come with us as we checkout our top 5 tracks from movies in […]