What Has Roseanne Barr Been Up To Over The Past Two Decades?

Since Roseanne went off the air some 20 years ago, the show’s leading star has remained relatively out of the spotlight, leaving fans of the actress to wonder what has happened to her? Now with Roseanne making a return to airwaves with the revival of her show, it’s time to look back on what she’s been up to over the years since the show ended.
Although not a leading star, over the years she’s lended a hand or two to shows popular with people, acting in things like Portlandia, and The Office, where she was nominated for and won multiple awards like an Emmy and Golden Globe. That’s quite an impressive feat.

It may seem like all good news, but Roseanne has never been one to shy from controversy. Her political stance is strong, and doesn’t hide from voicing her opinions on the latest presidency. On top of that, in the past she has been strong on her opinion on what happened back in the day with the events that unfolded between Zimmerman and Martin.
Other than that, Roseanne has revealed that she has had a life full of problems revolving around her health. “It’s weird to lose your vision. It especially sucks because I love to read, which got me thinking, could I hire someone to do that for me? It gives me a different perspective on life, and now I just try to enjoy things to the best of my abilities and live life to the fullest.” shared Roseanne.

Now with the revival of her original TV series well underway, we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us. Taking time away from the controversy to put her efforts more towards making sure that she’s putting out a quality show, we expect great things.
It may be the final, final season, so hopefully everyone from the previous show makes a return and the story gets wrapped in a way that everyone’s happy with. Set to air sometime in 2018, keep your eyes out for the end of the story.

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