Favorite Music Videos Released So Far This Year

Kendrick Lamar – Humble   There is just so much going on in this video, and will go down in our lists of best music videos of all time. Able to show off his lyricism with these amazing visuals, this by far is one of the best music videos that […]

Favorite Music Videos Released in the Past Year

Everybody loves to listen to music. It isn’t the matter of age but the question of emotions. Whether it is a newly married couple, a happy student or even a young child, everybody wants to listen to some music that matches their taste.   Music conquers the hearts and emotions […]

The 5 Best Music Soundtrack In A Film From The Last Decade

The best part of a movie for a lot of us is listening to its track list. These songs play in the background, in the foreground. And sometimes, they make or break the movie for us. So come with us as we checkout our top 5 tracks from movies in […]

The Five Best Boy Bands Of All Times

There is nothing more fun than to listen to, dance to, and sing along to your favorite boy band songs! Boy bands are the most fabulously pre-fab of all music outfits. Not only cater to the deep affection of teens everywhere, but they even allow adults to embrace their inner […]

5 Best Songs to Pump You Up for Any Work Out

Everyone has a different choice of motivational workout music. Many people love to run to the beats of instrumentals, while many others prefer hardcore rap music while exercising. There are a few individuals who listen to some inspirational music during the workout that is totally different from their real-life music’s […]

Top 5 Songs You’ve Got To Listen To While Driving

It is always a great idea to keep some carefully selected tunes to make the trip go down smoothly whether you are driving across the country or just going down the road. But sometimes it’s really difficult to choose the perfect playlist for your next expedition.     You can […]

Top 3 Favorite Pop Albums of 2016

A ton of albums released in 2016 and it was a great year with regards to music. Talking about “pop” usually refers to homogeneous hit songs, and 2016 sure had its share.   Some of the big names that delivered excellent pop albums in 2016 include Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, […]