Top 3 Places In The World To Travel To

The World Economic Forum has released their yearly report of the top places in the world to travel to, and Europe dominates the list. According to them, the top 3 on the list are:   1. Spain     2. France     3. Germany     Spain has been […]

3 Great Travel Hacks For Saving Time And Money

1. Search Using Incognito Mode   When looking for flights on your computer browser, make sure that you do so with the private browsing mode that your browser has. When you search using your normally browser, the airline website will pull data from everything you’ve looked at, and will even […]

Why You Should Visit Tokyo Japan!

Tokyo Japan, a city hub filled with life and excitement! There is so many things you can do in the island of Japan, but Tokyo is where you want to go for a lively travel trip! Here is a list of things you should do when you visit the beautiful […]

Places You Should Visit In Canada

Canada, the country the lies north of our borders! Just like any other country, Canada has a lot of things to offer travelers and as someone who has visited the country numerous times, I think it is a beautiful one at that! Take a look at the list of places […]